Mar 28, 2011

AMNH Object: TRAP, MOUSE [ 1 / 4889]

I just made an interesting discovery while browing throught the online collections of the American Museum of Natural History. I was looking for an interesting Tlingit-mousetrap I found a sketch of in Emmons & De Laguna; The Tlingit Indians. The trap illustrated in the book was identical to the Finnish mousetrap in my blog. I happened to stumble across the exact same trap among the Ojibwa? As the trap is from the Midwest, chanses are some Finnish immigrants introduced the model to local Native Americans.
This is a very interesting discovery since it suggests that Finns and Native Americans exchange traditional knowledge among each other in two different locations on the North American continent.  I will research this issue further as soon as possible. Compare this to the one I posted earlier; Northern Wilderness Skills and Traditions: Old Finnish Mouse Traps:

AMNH Object: TRAP, MOUSE [ 1 / 4889]

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